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For the time of your life!

If you're thinking about having live musicians at your reception, it's most certainly because you know that good musicians create an exceptionally warm and authentic atmosphere! Having a good band perform at your wedding reception is a real treat! Whether traditional or modern weddings, Dance Knights Orchestra has been creating fun, warm and authentic parties at countless receptions for the past decade! 


With experience, class, and professionalism, we cater to your entertainment from the arrival of your guests to the last dance of the evening. All you have to do is enjoy the evening as we smoothly transition through key moments.

Do you want something special for your beautiful day? With us, it's simple, easy, fun...and affordable - Guaranteed!

Wedding reception with Dance Knights 

Orchestre Dance Knights avec partitions de musique

What does a band do?

Way more than play music

You would expect that the band you hire on your wedding day does its job well - that is to play good music, right? Of course, but it's far from enough! In fact, a band that only plays well is not what you can call a good wedding band ...

Mariée sur scène avec l'orchestre Dance Knghts

Why hire a band?

When genuine interaction counts

So you've decided to swim against the tide by going with an orchestra rather than a DJ? Boy, you gotta have courage! You know very well that among your friends and family, you probably stand alone in trying such an adventure! Now think about this: just a few years ago, having NO musicians at a wedding was totally unthinkable ...

Orchestre dance Knights de Montréal

What do we offer?

The band that gives it all

We know that your special day could be cluttered with a thousand details that cannot be overlooked ... especially the entertaining at your wedding reception! This is why we make sure to include everything you and your guests need to celebrate this long-awaited moment in an explosive and memorable way!


Our exceptional rates, impressive repertoire, professionalism, and experience are at your service! Ask us for a quote for your event, you will be pleasantly surprised!

(514) 605-8126

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